3rd year production projects

November 19, 2008

She / He

A series of films exploring the strange and disjunctive possibilities of the relationships between two couples.

Executive Producer: Christine Rogers

Urban Skins

The past haunts the present. Scratch the skin of the city and other stories emerge—stories of oppression and colonisation, of exploitation and celebration, of pollution and rebuilding. Urban Skins is a series of ten fantasy narratives exploring Melbourne’s past, designed for mobile phone.

Production team: Marian Bathan, Kate Beaumont, Jake Benwell, Brhianan Bourne, Noura ali Fardan, Stephanie Howden, Ying Ma, Chrissa Mahtani, Mirna Masnita, Clare Presser, Dylan Smith, Guan Wang

Executive Producer: Jenny Weight


A studio of 16 students and lecturer formed around the idea to make a series of films based around a murder in the workplace.

The three films produced in the studio had this idea as the starting point and followed or diverged from the idea through to three very different and interesting outcomes.

Executive Producer: Paul Ritchard

The Temperature’s Rising

‘The Temperature’s Rising’ is a pilot for a TV drama series produced by RMIT students and developed for C31. What was distinctive about the project was that students from six different programs worked together on the production. These students were from three different Schools (Applied Communication, Creative Media and Art) and from TAFE, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. They included Professional Screenwriting students, Honours students in Communication Design, students from the Diploma in AV Technology, the undergraduate Media program and the Master of Creative Media. The project was trialling a new elective that is being introduced in 2009 called Screen Production Project.

Executive Producer: Leo Berkeley

Living Memories (website to be launched at ACMI in December)

Living Memories is a community documentary project: the result of a unique collaboration between a group of older women from Melbourne’s Jewish community and twelve Media students from RMIT University.

Over a six-month period in 2008 nine women told stories from their lives to the students, who in turn fashioned these tales into the video documentary Portraits exhibited here. These are stories of survival of the Holocaust and flight from the devastation of occupied Europe, of loss and strength and the rebuilding of lives on the other side of the world. They are also stories of childhoods growing up in Shepparton, or in Egypt, or in a Melbourne orphanage; of great love, marriages, friends and children, travels and adventures. Memories fond, sad and funny.

Living Memories is an initiative of the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia Victoria, in partnership with the Media Program of RMIT University’s School of Applied Communication. The project has been generously supported by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, Ricci Swart and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

Project directors: David Carlin and Nancy Sugarman

Radio Active Space

WELCOME TO THE ISOLATION TANK: 90-minutes of radiophonic experimentation. An episode of ABC Radio National’s The Night Air to be broadcast on ABC Radio National November 30, 2008.

STAND ALONE: A series of 10-20 minute documentaries exploring issues of isolation from gaming addiction to insomnia and lost stories.

Producers: Alex Dane, Ed Denton, Emily Naismith, Jessica Langmair, Jonathon Hutchinson, Justine McInerney, Kelly Latimer , Kim Jirik, Tom Arthurson,
Luke Troynar, Muhammad Shamir Serajudeen and Stephanie Powell.
Stand Alone – Executive Producer: Kyla Brettle
The Night Air – Supervising Producers: Kyla Brettle & John Jacobs
The Night Air – Executive Prouder: Sharon Davis